Express Buying

I-95 Express Buying

At I-95 you can buy a car your way, with endless options to choose from, whether you want…

1. To purchase your next vehicle completely online and take at-home delivery

2. Complete paperwork virtually, but come in for a test-drive and to pick-up your new vehicle

3. Do everything in-person here at the dealership

… YOU decide how you want to buy.

Our new Express Buying program let’s you purchase your next vehicle online, but on your own terms. Follow these steps for the most seamless and easy car-buying experience you’ve ever had.

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Step 1: Click the “Unlock Price Button”: This will launch the I-95 Express Buying program that allows you to begin your purchased online.

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Step 2: Fill out the form to be connected with a product specialist: Once the initial form is completed, you’ll be connected with a team member here at I-95 that can help you through the process of online buying and make sure all your paperwork is completed safely and all your questions are answered.

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Step 3: Complete your Deal: Complete the forms to value your trade, get pre-approved and calculate your payment. You can do this in the I-95 Express Buying Program online, with your product specialist, or in-person if you wish.

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Step 4: Take Delivery & Drive Happy: Work with your product specialist to schedule your at-home delivery or pick-up your new ride in-store.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is it safe to provide by personal information online?
A: Yes. All of your information will be kept completely confidential, only to be shared with your product specialist and our F&I department. If you complete the pre-approval form in the I-95 Express Buying portal, everything is secure and confidential. If you don’t want to do this step completely online, it can be handled virtually with your product specialist over the phone.
Q: Can I come in to the store to test drive but do the rest online?
A: Absolutely. The I-95 Express Buying Program is setup for our customers to choose exactly how they want to buy a car. Although you can purchase 100% online, we have many customers who have gone through the program partially online, partially in-store. Your designated product specialist will be able to assist you with whatever path you’d like.
Q: Do I have to come into the dealership at all?
A: No. All of your paperwork can be completed virtually and we will deliver your vehicle to you. We will even come to you for a test drive if you’d like!